Building Your PLN

“A rolling stone gathers no moss.”

It’s just an old proverb. But, what does it mean? Apparently, this proverb is so meaningful that even the Mythbusters felt the need to determine if it were true.

As an educator in an increasingly technological world, this proverb means that if I’m still teaching like I did just 5 years ago, I’ve stagnated.

But, what if I were still teaching like I did 20 years ago when I first entered the profession? In addition to some moss, I might just have some grass and weeds and perhaps a tree root or two beginning to grow around the stone.

My students are connected to their world in more ways than ever. As an educator, I feel I need to be connected too.

One of the ways I have done this is by becoming involved in and building a Professional Learning Network. Sometimes these are also referred to as Personal Learning Networks or Professional/Personal Learning Communities.

There are many resources available to me that provide feedback and thought provoking moments that help me connect in new ways with my students. I can make my areas of expertise more meaningful to my students beyond the tidbits of information they have to know for the test. When I make these connections, I see a difference in my students’ excitement levels and enthusiasm for learning.

One way I have made these connections is by going outside the walls of my classroom and opening up dialogue with other professionals through a variety of online media. It all started with Twitter and continues today in the use of blogs, Facebook and online conferences. Tom Whitby offers an explanation of the concept in this video.

If you are interested in building a PLN, begin today by subscribing to the email feed for TheTechEducator.

You’ll receive email notifications when new posts are written. In these posts we can share our experiences in the classroom using interactive white boards, BriteLink projectors, blogs, social media, video and whatever else is out there in our attempts to create a connected classroom environment.

Just like a rolling stone, we’ll keep moving forward to make sure you find some satisfaction as we provide you with quality information to help build your PLN and in supplying technology tips, tricks and tidbits to help out in your connected classroom.

Keep rolling along!

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