A Time for Teaching, A Time For Learning

Through out the course of our day, there are six 55 minute blocks for teaching, five 6 minute passing periods and a 29 minute lunch period. On most days, one of those 55 minute blocks is a planning period. Unless of course, your planning period is non-existent that day due to the rotating schedule. Then you have a six period day and no break, save for lunch.

At 3 P.M. we head home to a life of leisure to prepare dinner, have a glass of wine and watch our favorite show on the tube with our feet propped up on the coffee table. Well, not quite. We all know it is then time to grade papers, prepare lessons for the next day, return parent phone calls and enter grades from the comfort of our homes in the online gradebook.

The real issue here is that teachers, by far, spend the majority of their time on teaching and tasks related to teaching. The question is, when do teachers get time to learn for themselves? Why is professional development limited to a few certain days out of the year or to the 2 months of the summer? Shouldn’t teachers have time set aside each day to have some time for learning, for sharing notes and ideas on methods that work in the classroom to be more effective teachers?

This time would be set aside for developing Personal Learning Networks both in the school building and networked communities on the World Wide Web.

Teachers teaching teachers. Teachers sharing with teachers. Teachers helping each be better teachers. Teachers modeling and becoming lifelong learners. Teachers becoming more effective teachers because they are more effective learners.

Doesn’t make sense that  we should have time to learn too? Right there in our regular school day?

That is one of the reasons this blog exists. Learn from it. Add to it. You would be a welcome contributor to TheTechEducator. Just leave your comments below.

For more thoughts on this idea, please look at David Truss’ article, “We aren’t in the ‘teaching business’, rather we are in the ‘learning business’ ”

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