140 Characters at a Time

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As I sat in many a classroom desk and listened to lecture after lecture and took many notes (and drew lots of doodles) over the years, I never imagined that, one day, I would learn more in 140 characters than I did in many of those classroom lectures.

Please don’t take offense Sid Homan, Dr. Kaufman or Mark Smith. Your classes were engaging because of your teaching style. You added humor, hands on activity and/or memorable visuals to your 60 minute lectures. You engaged me and my mind.

As I look at how I learn now, I have noticed that the classroom is no longer the single venue for learning. With a web enabled device, I can learn anywhere and anytime and the best part is I can learn from hundreds of people around the globe.

The one tool I have found to be a valuable resource is Twitter. No, I’m not talking about the “I am sitting on the porch.” type tweeter. I refer to those in the Twitterverse that share similar interests in the same areas I do and provide links to valuable information.

For some more information on Twitter and how to use it to build your PLN, take a look at these tutorials by Josh Stumpenhorst. The first is an introduction to Twitter and the second is Twitter 102 focusing on Tweetdeck as a more efficient way to participate in the ongoing Twitter conversation.

Put your toe in the water. Lurk around the conversation for a while. Find some like minded individuals to follow and eventually tweet with. You’ll be glad you did.

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